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Subject : Seoul Semiconductor Launches the Next Generation of
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Replaces standard Dimmable AC/DC LED drivers with 6x6mm Acrich IC - Reduces component count and improves reliability in building Smart Lighting - Remarkably improved compatibility with existing TRIAC dimmers - Interfaces with various Smart lighting control technologies

Seoul Semiconductor, a global leader in LED technology, announced on May 29th the release of Acrich3, its next generation of smart lighting LED technology. Acrich3 not only provides lighting designers with an easy to use solution but, coupled with smart lighting control technologies it can further enhance energy savings, performance and aesthetics of LED lighting systems. With Acrich3 Seoul Semiconductor is positioned to penetrate the smart lighting market which is expected to reach 10 trillion (KRW) by 2020.

One of the barriers in replacing conventional lighting technologies with solid-state lighting products is the compatibility of existing triac or phase-cut dimmers with LED retrofit lamps. The new Acrich3 solution is designed to work with most existing TRIAC dimmers without sacrificing on power quality or efficiency ensuring consumers can take advantage of both energy savings and ambiance lighting controls.

Furthermore, the new Acrich3 solution enables users to make the transition from wall-dimmer-controlled LED lights to smart lighting control systems. The Acrich3 technology can interface through a wide variety of wireless networks such as IEEE 802.15.4, WiFi, Bluetooth to control dimming, CCT, zoning and scheduling, all from the convenience of a tablet or a smartphone to optimize both energy savings and the aesthetic benefits of LED lighting.

While existing Smart Lighting LED Systems require complex AC / DC converters, the Acrich3 IC can be operated directly off AC reducing component count and improving on reliability. It also has an in-built auxiliary power source to power sensors to interface with smart lighting controls.

Seoul Semiconductor Executive Vice President of Lighting sales division, Jay Kim has stated that “LED lighting optimized in combination with advanced intelligent lighting control systems is becoming more important in both residential and commercial lighting applications. Seoul Semiconductor has invested over 4 years to make the perfect smart lighting system”. He added, "Seoul Semiconductor plans to launch several new modules with Acrich 3 technology for the use in residential, commercial, and industrial lighting systems."

Acrich3 technology will be on display this week at Light Fair International Seoul Semiconductor Booth #5830 in Las Vegas 2014 and at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, 2014 in China.