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Subject : Seoul Semiconductor Breaks the ‘1 Trillion Korean Won' Mark in 2013 Sales Revenue Accomplishing a Major Achievement in LED Lighting Sales Growth
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Due to major growth in the IT and lighting-related LED sales accompanied with independent technology this was the greatest profit achieved by reaching one trillion Korean won in sales revenue since the company was founded in 1987.

Global leading LED company, Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (CEO: Chung Hoon Lee, http://www.seoulsemicon.com) has announced on February 13th that it has achieved the company’s greatest sales revenue, reaching 1.0321 trillion Korean won and an operating profit of 965 hundred million Korean won in 2013. In comparison to 2012, the company’s sales increased by 20% and the operating profit by 190%.

Seoul Semiconductor, while showing growth in both IT and lighting sectors, succeeded in surpassing one trillion Korean won in sales for 2013. Following the official boom of the LED lighting market, Seoul Semiconductor has increased sales by focusing on Acrich2 LED modules which is the world's first Alternating Current drive, and steady selling products such as mid-power and high-power packaged LEDs. The sales revenues have been increased in America, Europe, China, Japan and many other countries.

Applying the patented Black Hole Lens technology to direct-type LED for TV in the IT sector, Seoul Semiconductor has increased IT related sales. In addition, the sales of tablet PC related products are also the tangible results of its rise in the market.

After being listed on the Korea Stock Market (KOSDAQ) in 2002, another contributing factor to reach one trillion Korean won in sales after 12 years was the establishment of its patent portfolio that consists of more than 11,000 patents. Investing approximately 10% of its sales revenue each year in LED product research, development and registering over 600 patents in a year, the company holds world-class competitive patents. Seoul Semiconductor was the sole LED device manufacturing company to be ranked on Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)’s Patent Power ranking in 2012 and 2013.

Seoul Semiconductor has produced industry-leading LED products, securing the company’s lead in the LED field by vertical integration of the entire manufacturing process from chips to packages to modules since its establishment of its subsidiary Seoul Viosys (formerly Seoul Optodevice) in January 2002. To better manage the fast-growing LED lighting market due to the worldwide incandescent manufacturing, usage prohibition policies and energy reduction policies, Seoul Semiconductor procured various products in all categories of LED lighting and is currently supplying products to competitive lighting companies worldwide.

Seoul Semiconductor has presented consolidated base guidance of 240-260 billion Korean won of sales revenue and 6-8% operating profit in the first quarter of 2014. The company states that the presented guidance of first quarter is a conservative figure, in consideration of the annual low season in the IT industry.

Seoul Semiconductor Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Yung-wook Shin has stated that “Seoul Semiconductor plans to secure an advanced global enterprise administration processes through application of the world's best business system including the CRM system.” He has also stated that he wants to achieve this goal while “strengthening sales capabilities and global marketing to achieve sustainable growth in sales and maintain superiority and profitability in products that meet the market's needs.”

About Seoul Semiconductor
Seoul Semiconductor (SeoulSemicon.com) manufactures and packages a wide selection of light emitting diodes (LEDs) for the automotive, general illumination/lighting, appliance, signage, and back lighting markets. The company is the world’s fourth largest LED supplier, holding more than 11,000 patents globally, while offering a wide range of LED technology and production capacity in areas such as “nPola”, deep UV LEDs, "Acrich", the world’s first semiconductor light source that operates directly from both AC and DC power supplies, and "Acrich MJT - Multi-Junction Technology," a proprietary family of high-voltage LEDs. The company’s broad product portfolio includes a wide array of package and device choices such as AC-driven LEDs, high-brightness LEDs, mid-power LEDs, side-view LEDs, through-hole type LED lamps, custom displays, and sensors.